Friday, January 10, 2014

Water Faucet Flower Pot

I started with this Ice Cream tub, yes yummy!  I have however given up ice cream, well let me back up...In August I quit eating Blue Bunny & switched to Skinny Cow!  Lordy Lordy that Skinny Cow is really good!  Anyway one day while washing this tub to put into the recycle bin & by the way I hate to waste water to wash things for the recycle bin, but you gotta pick your evils right now & I choose recycling! I held this tub up & knew exactly what I wanted to do with it & an old water faucet I had of my Grandmothers.  

I brought the tub to my shop & cut a hole in it where I wanted the faucet to go.  I then coated it with tile adhesive.  Two objectives with this tile it hides the colorful labels on the tub & two it holds the glass gems to the tub!  I also glued a washer on the front to help stabilize the weight of the faucet on the sides of the tub.  I choose the bright blue glass gems as blue was my Grandmothers favorite color!  

I used another washer on the back to help with the faucet weight, as well as purchasing this big bolt to hold the faucet to the side of the tub.  This way the faucet can be removed anytime if needed.

I got some silver Mardi Gras beads my Mother had on her Christmas tree & cut three pieces off.  I used a sturdy piece of wire and wrapped the top of the beads together, then ran the wire through the faucet.  I finished off the project with a bright white grout and one top coat of polyurethane to give everything a nice shine & it also seals the grout.  The Faucet Flower Pot would fall over before I grouted it, but as you can see she sits nice & tall & pretty on her own. 

 Now all she needs is to be filled with dirt and a few succulents!

Updated this piece.  I like it so much better now!!

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