Friday, March 29, 2013

Garden Art

 So I have been seeing garden art everywhere on Pinterest & Etsy, and I always wanted to make one that was unique, functional & different from all the ones you see there.  My sister Sally & I had been talking about it, and one day she brought me a glass candy dish & a candle stick.  "This should be the prototype for the "Art" we want to build", she proclaimed.  I began searching for a bottom that I could use that were different than just the small bud vases.  Couple of months went by, and I had just about forgot about the "Art" when as usual when you quit looking it jumps out at you.  We were out hitting local resale shops looking for old golf clubs, when we decided to stop at a local Mom & Pop dollar store.  Low and behold I found the bottom I wanted to use on the Garden Art as soon as I walked in the door.  The tall Eiffel tower vases just about jumped off the shelf & into my arms.  I bought a couple and started creating!  These vases are not easy to find, especially the green. Here are some of the creation I have made.   Enjoy....

Frosted vase with Clear top and
Green Center & Water Bucket
on Top ~ Sold

All Clear with Red Tomato
& Red Pepper

All Clear with Green Avon
Center Piece ~ Sold

All Clear with Pink Avon
Center ~ Sold

All Clear with Aqua Blue
Bottle Center ~ Sold

All Clear with Green
Chicken ~ Sold

All Clear with Green
Avon Bottle Center

Blue Bird of Happiness
on Plate with Frosted
Bottom ~ Sold

Blue Chicken on Blue
Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Butter Dish on Blue
Bottom ~ Sold

Blue Bird of Happiness
on Clear Plate with
Light Blue Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Chicken on Frosted
Blue Bird of Happiness
on Plate with Light blue 

Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Square Top on Light
Blue Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Top on Dark Blue
Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Top on Red Hot Bottom 

Clear Top on Hot Pink
Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Square top with Green
Center on Frosted Bottom

Clear Top on Dark Blue
Bottom ~ Sold

Clear Top with Milk Bottle
Center on Frosted Bottom

Milk Candy Dish, Black
Center on Black bottom
& Clear & Red
Squirrel on Top

Clear Plate with Red Avon 
Bottle on Frosted 

Lime Green Chicken
on Clear Bottom

All Clear with Green/Blue
Center ~ Sold

Clear Top with Purple Center
on Frosted Bottom ~ Sold

Red, White & Blue

The Collection!

I have decided not to ship these pieces, as I would be so worried that they would break in transit & if I did ship them the cost would be so high.  I might reconsider at a later date.  So if you have to have one or would like to look at one I have them on display at 
West Brazos Golf Center, Brazoria, Texas
They are also available for viewing on my Facebook page @
"Like" my page while you are there!
I have also decided not to call these "Bird Feeders" anymore, so for ever more they will be known as "Garden Art".  One reason is the "Squirrel" issue!  These guys are heavy and destructive, and I do not want them to get broken.  I have played with many types of glue and nothing, I mean nothing will keep these creatures from tearing one up!  So "Art" it is, unless you want to feed the bird!!   

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Flowers Already Blooming

These are a few photos of the flowers blooming in my yard right now.  
March 5, 2013

Old Lantern...add a little spray paint, some rocks & dirt...Voila!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Mailbox Post Makeover

This past week I decided enough was enough!  My mailbox post is so ugly it just has to get a makeover.  I knew what I wanted to do, all I had to do was get in the car, buy some stuff and do it!  I went to the local car repair shop first, and asked if I could buy one of their used tires they had lying in a huge pile at the side of their shop ... The man said "I could have anyone I wanted at no charge".....and best of all they help me look through them & then even loaded it in my car for me!  I love small town America!  I headed to the local home improvement center, and bought some spray paint & some flowers before heading home to tackle the ugliest mailbox post in town.  

I unloaded my stuff & set about painting my tire and the mailbox post.  It takes a lot of soil to fill the tire so make sure you have some extra field dirt or cheap top soil to fill in before using your good soil on top.  I did not drill any drain holes in this tire, because the mailbox sits in full sun and the flowers will need all the water they can get when it gets warmer this Spring & Summer.  Once I had all the dirt in the tire, I planted my flowers & bulbs.  I will take photos as soon as the bulbs start to bloom.  

I am so excited about my mailbox post makeover!  Now all that is left is finding a new mailbox....
I am keeping my eyes peeled for something fun!  

Flowers are coming in, and looking good!