Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sour Cream Bowl Mosaic Bowl

I have been doing a few mosaic pieces lately & have had a really good time working on the different shape objects.  The other night we finished a sour cream bowl, and as I was rinsing it out to put in the recycle bin I thought to myself... "this would make a nice size flower pot".  I brought it to the shop the next morning, and tested some tile adhesive to cover up the lettering on the outside.  It seemed to cover all the ink printed on the outside of the plastic container just fine, so I grabbed my roll of faux pearls & glass gems and went to work.  I did not color the grout on this piece, but rather I left it white.  After leaving it alone for a few days, I decided I wanted to test out painting on grout!  I got my paint & brush out and went to work.  I am not wild about the color, but it seems to work, and even got darker after I sealed the grout.  I think this could be used either inside or out!  Not to bad for a sour cream bowl.

Here is another sour cream tub I used & put tiles on.   

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