Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Table we got from a garage sale!

Remodel starts today January 25th, 2012!

This could be an issue!

A few shim's and the leg's are a little straighter.

Add a piece of glass.  Next the Tung Oil
Voila...Finally finished! Not a bad table for $25.00 at a garage sale.  I might also add that this table is heavy, and made out of very funny wood!  It is blonde in some places and dark in others, but it has character and works for us.  I will find some black nail head looking screws one day and replace the hex chrome bolts.

Mason Jar Drying System - Recycled Plastic Coffee Can

Mason Jar Drying System Supplies
1 - Mason Jar Regular or Wide Mouth
1 - Folger's Plastic coffee container
(Of course any kind of container can be used that you
 have around with a plastic lid that can be cut into)
1 - pair of scissors
1 - piece of paper
1 - Pen

I have been practicing coloring my mason jars for a project I am working on. Most of the blogs I looked at for coloring showed the jars upside down on paper or in a bowl with the Mod Podge just collecting at the mouth of the mason jar. After a few test runs I am getting the coloring down, but do not like the lids all gummed up from the glue settling. Later in the week I was looking up different ideas on how to use all my old plastic coffee cans, and I suddenly thought of the mason jars.  This is what I came up with.  Not the fanciest looking drying machine, but works for me!  I have made two for myself, one for my regular mouth jars, and one for the wide mouth jars.

Draw the outline of the mason jar on your 
piece of paper. Cut out the outlined circle.

Tape the cut out on the lid, and cut your hole.

Your lid should look like this once you 
have finished.

Now you can dry your painted mason jars 
without leaving a glob of Mod Podge 
on the lip of your mason jar.
FYI - I have not found a decent way
to make my own Mod Podge yet, but
I am working on it and will certainly let you 
know if I come up with something that is
what I would use.

UPDATE 03/24/12  
I have been using my drying system, and it is working quite well.  I have two that I made and use.  One has a larger hole in the lid to accommodate the large mouth mason jar.  Since I live so close to the ocean, my humidity levels are very high and I am finding that drying the jar is taking longer than it should, and then I realized, well its the humidity.  I have drilled a few holes in the top of the coffee can to let in a little more air flow.  This seems to be working better, but then again nothing is better than good ol' sunshine once the Modge Podge has quit dripping!  I made a very deep dark green jar the other day, and I love it!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It's fun to watch these plants grow.  I am sorry to say 
I lost this one in a freeze last year, 
but I am going to start again with a new one this Spring!

Brazoria, Texas Sunrise Jan, 2012

Good Morning,  Brazoria!!