Saturday, August 31, 2013

Latest projects

Getting ready for the fall craft show in West Columbia and Angleton.  These are some of my new creations.  

I have done a similar Blue Birds of happiness, but this one is a on different plate and pedestal color.  These are my most popular, and I love making them!  I am on the hunt for a stash of Red Bird glass made my Leo!

Love this Carnival glass chicken candy dish.  It has a chip in the lid, so I glued this chicken shut!  

This one is an upside down candy dish.  The vase I used was also cut, and it's made to look like the vase is going through the candy dish.  Unfortunately everything looks crooked in the picture, and on some angles it is crooked!  That is why I call all my glass work "Perfectly Imperfect"!

Small Dark Blue Bird on a dark blue bottom.  This one reminds me of my grandmother so much, because she loved blue! 

Blue Bird of Happiness with Baby Blue Bird of happiness!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Garden Art Statue ~ Special build for my Cousin!

One of my most favorite builds so far!

Made this statue for my cousin Laura!  She loves the color Orange.  One day out on a junking trip I found this vase in a resale shop that was closing.  I did not know at the time that I would be using it for her, but knew that this vase was the bomb & I wanted to have it!  I had discussed with Laura a couple of times this year about what I wanted to do for her &  we even picked pieces out for the project.  I just never really got the "sha~bang" feeling when I started her build!  One day while in the shop and working on some other projects I pulled the yellow vase out.  I looked at it for a few days and that's when it hit me...BAM!  Laura's build was started.  I found the plates I wanted to use and the middle section I wanted to use!  That's when it hit me that I had a blue glass apple!  Laura is a retired school teacher, this apple was perfect for the top ... "sha~bang" there is blue on the vase!  Love it when a build comes together!  

At it's new home!