Friday, February 20, 2015

I have been slacking on my blogging!!

 I have been busy since last August!  
Busy with "Normal" work & "Life"!  
I have done some projects however since last year
and here a just a few!

Milk White Glass Bird Feeder with a bud vase as the body &
a Votive as its feet!  Fun piece.  
I have started using All Thread and 
locking nuts with my pieces.  
I drill very carefully with a diamond 
drill bit and then just cut the All Thread accordingly!  
I used a 1/4" drill bit and All Thread.  
I also started using Neoprene washers that I placed 
between the glass and locking nuts.  
This helps not bind the glass so bad when you tighten down the nuts. 
I found out quickly these can be expensive and hard to find.  
I started making my own "washers" out of felt and a Punch Set!  
I have also used thick plastic!  
To finish off the piece I also added a drop of epoxy on the nuts, 
just to give them a little more strength.  

This is a Devil Egg Plate with a old piece of glass 
from a ceiling fan and then a glass pear!  
You can see the Neoprene washers in this photo.

I also updated my Bud Light Wind chime.  
I had a bag ofscrap beads and decided to string 
the beads between the caps!
I think it gives it a little more bling bling color!!  
I also added an eye hook bold for easier hanging!

I also made some Heineken Wind chimes.  I used Crush Red Pepper Caps for the tops.  I also used the scrap beads with these, and another eye hook for easy hanging!  
Word to wise....
Never throw away beads!!  They have wonderful uses!!

These are some beer cap necklaces I made.  I used some Shiner Bock beer caps and then places Millefiori, stones & Beads in the caps.  I used epoxy resin to fill in the cap.  I had purchased a bracelet at a local fundraiser this past year with the thoughts that the beads were super cool & usable in some other project down the road!  I was right, as they finished of these with a little Bling Bling!  they are not straight and some of the beads are crooked, but I think that adds to the appeal of them!  Helloooo..They are beer cap!!

This Spring I plan on redoing my tire project 
from a few years ago!  I am going to make
a vegetable garden this time around!  See you then!!

Lemon & The Bean