Sunday, September 22, 2013

Coffee Can Makeover

I keep a coffee container on my counter next to my coffee pot, and each evening while making coffee for the morning I put the left over grinds in the container.  It is quite frankly very ugly and looks like a big zit on my counter.  Behold the magic of Black Spray Paint, Mod Podge & PicMonkey!

The container sprayed painted black!

Picture of The Bean when she was a puppy!

Picture of Lemon when she was a puppy with a stick in her mouth.

I got the the font off & it is called
Bleeding Cowboys!  

I turned this color picture into Black & White on 
PicMonkey.  I Mod Podge'd the whole container as 
the paint will chip off very easily if not.

My counter tops are black & I need/will take a better picture of my new container in its new spot.  No more big red zit on my counter!

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