Friday, June 28, 2013

Mother's Day Gift 2013

Last year while in a resale shop I found this old chandelier stuffed in a backroom.... on the top shelf.  Visions of Pinterest flashing through my head I knew I had to buy this old lamp and bring it back to life!  I think I actually got dizzy.  I got my haggle on and bought it for $5.00.... less the  glass shades.

 I took it home and stripped all the wire & ceramic light sockets out.  The sockets have been saved (hoarded) for a different project down the road!

I then took the fixture to my shop and placed it on the top shelf until I could figured out what I wanted to do....well I knew I wanted to make a bird feeder, but just did not have the full vision yet.  Color....additional pieces etc...

I was painting some night lights with my most favorite color in the whole wide world when it hit me that this was going to be the bird feeders color.  I thought to myself ....How great would those bright orange "Fire King" cups & sauces my sister sent me look next to this color.

I got the spray paint can out and started my project... Mothers Day was coming and as much as I wanted this for my back yard I knew this was   going to made for Mom! 

I added the cups & sauces.... then bling-ed it out with some faux pearls

Now all I needed to work on was "how I would hang this in her tree"?  I had saved (hoarded some rusty old pulley's from a mower) and knew this would be the perfect item to use to hold the feeder straight.  FYI that is Jack's hand in the photo!  

I purchased this old wooden pulley off Etsy a while back for a TV stand I wanted to build and hang on my back porch.  We could hang this pulley up in her big tree and it would work so she could raise and lower the feeder!  I guess I will just have to find another one....Darn the luck!
Jack worked his magic on the pulley and now I have a "thingy-ma-jig" that will hold the feeder straight.  I  feel I need to explain who Jack is... Jack is my brother in law as well as my go to handy man & fixer upper guy!  

This is the bottom of the thingy-ma-jig pulley holder!

Mom filling her feeder up!  FYI when it rains the bird seed has to be replaces as it gets all nasty and smelly!

Jack found a piece of 20" re-barb & bent a curl in the top.  He drove it into the ground so we could tie off the feeder with the camo nylon rope I purchased.

This is the pulley system, sorry the picture is so dark!

Close up!

Happy Mothers Day 2013!
Gorgeous if I don't say so myself!

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