Sunday, May 12, 2013

Golf Shoe & Bag Planters

We were cleaning out a office at our shop the other day
 (making me a creating room, but that's a whole another
 story), and I came across three pairs of old golf shoes.  
Ding Ding Ding!!  At first I just pitched them in the trash 
pile, knowing in the back of my mind I would retrieve 
them like one of those poor hoarder people that cannot 
let anything go.  I had also been holding onto an old 
golf bag (hoarder!!), and I knew what I wanted to do!  

I drilled holes in the toe and bottom of the golf shoes for
 drainage & a hole in the heels so the golf shoes could 
easily be attached to the side of the barn.

I also drilled holes in the bottom of the golf bag for drainage.
  I then added empty water bottles to the golf bag so the bag
 would not weigh a ton & waste a bunch of good
soil, not to mention a great way to recycle!  
I filled the bag up about 3/4 the way to the top, 
cramming the bottles down as I went.

I traded some aloe & fern for some succulents with my
neighbor across the road. She grows succulents like crazy 
& I grow aloe and ferns like crazy.  I attached the golf 
shoes to the barn, and then used some old golf clubs to 
hold the bag in place.  I will see how they grow and 
continue this around the barn!  My vision was completed 
in just under one hour!

I know, I know I did not get the golf shoes level!  Urgh!!  


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Megan, I found a beautiful old turquoise golf bag & a USA red, white and blue bag that I will be doing next!

  2. Wow, so creative! I love the ferns sticking out from the golf bag, perfect!

    1. Thank you Cristina. The plants are coming along nicely! The fern kinda reminds me of the volleyball "Wilson" in the movie "Castaway", so I am calling the golf bags my "Wilson's", and of course Wilson is a big golf equipment it fits!