Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Refresh Your Vacuum Filter!

Need to refresh your vacuum cleaner filter?  

I wanted to replace my Eureka vacuum filter, because the nice Febreze smell was gone, and it was kinda yukky looking.  After looking at the prices for replacing the filter at the various Large Box Retailers (Walmart & Target), I found myself rethinking that what I have would be just fine!  Average replacement cost was $13.00 - $20.00!  
Wow, that's kinda high.  

So I was out and about doing some shopping the other day after an eye appointment when I went down the potpourri aisle in Walmart.  I wonder if I could use the liquid potpourri to refresh my vacuum filter!  I bought a bottle of the Linen smell (32 oz) for $3.00.  Once I got home I found a small plastic coffee container that I could put my extra filter & liquid potpourri in.  The one I found is not quite tall enough, but would hold the filter and the liquid potpourri just fine.  I let the filter soak in the potpourri for about an hour or so, then took it out & let it dry on a plate.  

On a side note....I let it dry on top of my refrigerator and every time I walked pass or opened my refrigerator I could smell the filter!  I think this is going to work!  I also kept the liquid I poured into the coffee container & labeled it for future use!

So, today I replaced my newly potpourri-ed vacuum filter and started vacuuming my carpet!  OMGolly!  It works!  Makes the air smell like clean Linen!!  Yippee!!  Not only have I saved money, but I have all the extra liquid potpourri to continue refreshing my filters for a long time to come!!  I am also going to try soaking my filters in a bleach & water mixture after I hose them off!  I should have nice white and clean smelling vacuum filters, and with two dogs everyone knows its a must to have clean & smell pretty filters!

Filter sitting in the coffee container, I tried a wide mouth mason jar, but the filter is just a tad to large!  I will find another container I can seal and soak the filter in one day, but until then this small coffee container will work.
Linen Liquid Potpourri from Walmart $3.00
My Eureka Filter, but I am sure you can use any type vacuum filter that is made to be cleaned!


  1. This actually got me excited! For a mom like me who loves to keep her home neat and lovely all the time, the idea of inducing fragrance into the house while vacuuming is brilliant. I’m sure my vacuum filters would love some lavender scent on them. Thank you for the tip!

    Sharen Ambrose

  2. Sharen, Thank you! I bought a Febreze filter when I purchased the vacuum & it worked really well, and made vacuuming not so bad. I just had a hard time buy another one for $20 buck just for the smell when I still had two perfectly good vacuum filters (an unscented one came with the vacuum cleaner)! As I said, now I refresh mine all the time, and they are holding up very well! Happy Vacuuming...isn't that an Oxymoron?