Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mason Jar Chandelier

Side View of Chandelier 
Looking up at chandelier 

Mason Jar Chandelier
With all the different Mason Jar lights that you see on Pinterest here lately, I knew I could & would make one myself!  I saw this "Texas" star a couple of months ago, and I knew I wanted to make my first chandelier with it. I found the mason jars I wanted to use, and they are green reproductions of the 1858 mason jars & made of recycled glass! My next step was to set out on a journey to find the lighting.  I have a basic idea of how lightening works, but by gosh I did not realize all the  whatchamacallits & thingamajigs one might need to make a chandelier!  I got my drill out and with the exception of one slip (no injuries to myself, just the star) I made my very first chandelier!!!  I will be displaying it at a trade show this weekend, and I will be very interested to see if I can get a commission to do another one!  If I do....Will I be able to call myself an artist!  Do you call people who make chandeliers artists?   
Materials I used
1 - Texas Metal Star
5 - Quart Mason Jar
5 - Six foot of wire (I used clear)
5 - Brass 1/8" nipple
5 - 2" keyless socket 1/8" IP
5 - Crystal Clear bulbs "B" Type
5 - 1/8 Brass Hex Nut
1 - 13/32" Drill Bit 
1 - 1/8 Drill Bit
1 - 1/2" Hose clamp
1 - Can brown spray paint
1 - Wire stripper
1 - Phillips screw driver
1- Wrench
1 - Box Cutter

Drilled one large hole in the top of each mason jar lid and then four smaller holes in the lids for heat to escape. I attached the wire to the sockets.  I put the nipple through the lid hole and attached the socket, and then tightened the nipple to the lid with the hex nut.  I drilled a hole at the end of each star point and ran the wire through the hole. I spray painted the hose clamp brown to hided the chrome finish.  I used the hose clamp around all the wires, and this will allow me to lower or raise the mason jars, as well as hold all the wires together.  I will have an electrician come in and direct wire the light!  
I am an Artist!  

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