Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Garden Feature

Found this old water pump for $20.00 the other day and I knew exactly where I wanted to put it.  I have my Grand Mothers old cast iron sink in the back yard with flowers and this pump was going to go perfectly with it.  I cut an old golf club head off  and stuck the club in the ground and placed the pipe from the water pump over the club to hold the pump up.  I came across a bag of plastic pearls and remembered seeing someone use marble as a water feature before so I knew I could do the same with the pearls. I just wrapped the pearls with a wire and hung the wire inside the neck of the pump.  I started with two, but added two more strands.  I showed my Mother the pictures and she said you should always use things in three's or five' I need to add one more strand, as I do not want the mess with the karma gods!  And yes the flower bad needs some serious work!


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