Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meet Lemon and Bean......

Did you ever have two dogs that you loved to death?  They are both so cute and everyone that sees them wants to pet them!  We do..their names are Lemon Drop & The Bean....
Lemon & Bean!  This is their story.......

The Bean! At work with me on the golf course. 

Cheese Bean!

Back when they could be next to each other!

Hard day at the Office!!

You woke me up for what??

Cheese Lemon!

I am so tired!

Unfortunately they hate each other!  Hate might be an understatement....They loathe each other.  They would rather befriend a mountain lion than look at each other.  

Life was good for Lemon, Bean, Jorja and myself when we first got the puppies.  First Lemon and then a month later Bean.  They were sweet puppies and played with each other like normal puppies should.  At the age of 9 months is when life with two sweet puppies changed forever!  The fight was on!!!  We took them to puppy school....Nothing!  They came back worse!  Shame on those folks, and I will not speak their name.  

We watched every Cesar Milan dog show we could get our eyes on.... and determined that we needed to walk!  Okay... we walked, and we walked.  They could walk side by side and smell the same flower or mailbox post, but if one looked slightly at the other the fight was on.  Who knew that these two seemly beautiful animals could turn into Cujo at the blink of an eye!  We had some fights that lasted 20 minutes and Lemon always got the worst of it!  Neither dog would submit to the other.....never!  

We lived like crazy people until one day Bean blew her knee out and had to have surgery.  She could not jump, walk,  or run for 8 weeks.  We found an extra large kennel and kept her at the shop for 8 weeks during her recovery.  When we brought her home she seemed like she would submit to Lemon, and after a few attempts at letting them play together they became big buddies again!  OMG its a miracle. We have our loving sweet puppies back together, and life has once again turned back to normal (well as normal as one's life can be)!!  

I think one year went by when one day Lemon looked at Bean wrong, or Bean looked at Lemon wrong and it was back on....To the death!  I let them fight for over 30 minutes.  I had to leave the house, but I knew that one had to win and one had to submit.  They fought so hard that they both passed out with their heads in the water bowl.  I thought could it be over?  No such luck, as soon as Jorja opened the door the fight was back on.  We tried to let it keep on, but we just could not.  Lemon was bleeding everywhere and it seems more viscous than before.  We just could not sit there and watch these dogs tear each other up any longer.  

That has been over a year ago and we have found a life that fits both the dogs and us.  I bring Bean to work with me every day except Sunday, and that day is Lemon's day.  Lemon as it turns out is allergic to the world and needs to stay away from as much grass as she can.  Kinda hard to keep her with me when I work on a golf course.  When we are home one is in their kennel, while the other is out, and we switch them every hour on the hour until bed time at which time Lemon sleep with us and Bean is perfectly happy in her kennel.  We have tried switching them in the evenings, but we find that Bean is a wiggle worm and is constantly getting up and down, the result is none of us get any sleep, including Bean.  

We still continue to walk the dogs everyday that we can.  They still will smell the same flowers and mailbox posts, but again we are back to if one gives the other one the evil eye it is full on war in the middle of the street!  Crazy I know, but we love them and cannot imagine our lives without either one.  We hope one day they will be able to play with each other, but we know in our hearts that will not happen.  So if you have any advise or magic cure for us, let me hear it!  Of course I have tried emailing Cesar, but you know how far that where and he rarely comes to Texas, much less Brazoria County so I think that avenue is out.  

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